Education Solutions

Education Is a Primary Mission for Visionality

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of education today, and Visionality has a long history of designing and implementing audiovisual systems for educational institutions, whether it be interactive classroom technology, distance learning, digital signage, auditoriums, huddle spaces, boardrooms, or building integration technology.

Classroom Technology

From interactive whiteboards that allow students and instructors to collaborate, to document cameras, projectors, and monitors that allow instructors to share artifacts, documents and information with a class, Visionality can help to create a learning environment that fits your needs, whether it is a K-12 classroom or a large university lecture hall.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is becoming much more prevalent, and is becoming more interactive. Visionality can design a solution that will allow students to participate in lectures streamed from other locations, or allow for recording and streaming of instructor’s lectures so students can watch and learn on their own time, which is a key component of the flipped learning model.

Digital Signage

More and more educational institutions are using digital signage on their campuses. From university student centers to elementary school cafeterias, digital signage provides information and entertainment. It can also provide a critically important means of communication in case of severe weather, intruders, fire or other dangerous situations.


Visionality can provide complete audiovisual systems for auditoriums, from large screens and video walls to projectors and sound systems. We will optimize the environment to obtain the highest quality of sound and visual clarity, whether it is a high school auditorium used for theatrical and musical productions and assemblies or a major university auditorium used for performances or lectures.

Huddle Spaces

Huddle spaces or small group meeting rooms that allow students to collaborate, watch videos, view documents or communicate with instructors or other students in a different location are becoming more popular across campuses today, and Visionality can work with you to create the best solutions for your institution.


Boardrooms and conference rooms can have many functions, from videoconferencing and collaborating with other institutions to school board meetings. Visionality can provide the equipment needed to conduct your meetings and conferences, such as videoconferencing equipment, cameras, screens, projectors, voting systems, microphones, and recording and streaming devices.

Building Integration Technology

Building integration technology can be a key tool in managing lighting, heating, cooling and other systems to help educational institutions reduce costs and become more “green.” Visionality can design a system that will schedule temperature set points and lighting levels, and will allow all systems to be scheduled based on room use, so money is not being wasted cooling and lighting an empty room.