Custom Solutions


Videoconferencing Technology

Videoconferencing is an important tool for collaboration in business, education, government and healthcare. Videoconferencing can be a tool for reaching out to staff in different locations, holding meetings with business or institutional partners, reaching out to customers, or increasing interactivity in educational settings. It brings people together in a way that a phone call does not, and also provides cost savings to organizations, allowing them to avoid travel costs, while still making a connection.

Visionality can design customized videoconferencing solutions, from small huddle spaces and meetings rooms used for team or student collaboration, to large conference rooms for board meetings, we can create the space and incorporate interactive technology so you can share, edit, and save information with everyone in the meeting, and record and stream for future use.

We can also implement cloud videoconferencing solutions and help you with the technology you need to allow for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) conferencing.