Our Process

From Design to Implementation, Training, & Service



Visionality believes that each customer is unique, and therefore each design should be unique. For this reason, Visionality conducts a thorough consultation with each customer to ensure that we understand their individual needs and the layout and unique properties of the location in which the audio video technology will be used. Once we have gathered this information, we can we begin the design process.


Armed with the knowledge of the customer’s needs and the environment in which it will be used, Visionality will create a tailored design that will allow for the optimal use of the technology. Our experienced designers hold manufacturer certifications and are Certified Technology Specialists, a prestigious industry designation.

Implementation and Programming

Once the design has received customer approval, and has been finalized, our well-trained implementation team will get to work making the design a reality. They will ensure that all of the equipment is installed properly, and according to the design specifications. Our programming team will make sure that the software is installed and tested, and that all of the equipment works properly and to the customer’s satisfaction.


Training is a very important component to the success of a project, and Visionality will ensure that the customer has the proper training needed to get the most out of their new equipment and software. We will answer any questions, and provide documentation and training guides when necessary.


Once your equipment is installed, we will provide the level of service that best meets your needs. Whether you require onsite support, phone support, remote diagnostics, or preventative maintenance, our tech support department will take care of you.